HRDA is run by volunteers from within the community. Our free membership for all Hauppauge residents provides access to HRDA facilities and services all year long.  We are supported by donations from businesses, grants, and private donations.

The wide array of features, services, and attractions that the HRDA provides is widespread to support our entire residential community. Hauppauge needs an outdoor community and athletic center to allow our residents to enjoy their town, neighbors, friends, and family without leaving their hometown. 

Park Facilities

Recreational Fields

Community Center


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Our Mission

We are dedicated to acquire, develop and maintain parks on behalf of all Hauppauge residents to enjoy. Our HRDA centers of excellence and services provide state of the art facilities for recreational and competitive sports, play and learning centers for youth, while serving as multifunctional common ground for community events and happenings.

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Day in Park

Our Vision

HRDA parks are a common ground for community gatherings, family activities and provide resources to help our local  community. HRDA parks offer indoor and outdoor wellness centers of excellence for our community to enjoy.


Execution Phases 


Acquire Phase - Timeframe January 2020 - June 2020

  • Community support and volunteerism

  • Committee leaderships

  • Membership signups and petitions of support

  • Donations, grants & business sponsorships

  • Site due diligence


Develop Phase -Timeframe July 2020 - December 2023

  • Land transaction

  • Park architectural plans

  • Acquire permits

  • Construction


Maintain Phase - Timeframe January 2024

  • Park management & personnel

  • Establish Event schedule

"HRDA will also be the common ground for community gatherings, family activities, outdoor wellness center, and provide resources to help our local business community."