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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

-  Right Time / Right Community / Right Team

Over the last 6 months, as founders and Hauppauge residents we have done considerable work and research in the community park space. Our research gives us confidence that together, with you, our commitment to acquire, develop, and maintain Hauppauge residential parks will be realized. We believe our initiative is exactly what our community needs to bring us, as neighbors, together in a lasting safe and fun environment. Join us on the journey.

David Wolmetz
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Robert Mannino
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Community Awareness

Spread the word to acquire community involvement not only developing pride for Hauppauge but increase HRDA is top of mind of our residents.

  • Encourage free HRDA memberships and petition signatures from Hauppauge Residents

  • Host a community tabling events 

  • Use the HRDA logo on t-shirts, hats or other marketing materials

  • Reach out to networks

  • Host meetings with community partners and parents. 

  • Identify HRDA support with yard signs

  • Use HRDA documents and materials to build support 

  • Reach out to the media - Contact radio stations, local news stations, and newspapers. Make use of public calendars of events to get the word out about upcoming program events.

  • Use social media Maintain Facebook page, Twitter account, and/or an Instagram account.

  • Develop relationships with local chamber members and community business leaders helps build HRDA initiative

HRDA is comprised of volunteers from the Hauppauge community. Kindly consider contributing by registering for any of the following initiatives:


As a not-for-profit community initiative, the HRDA mission is supported by donations and grants to acquire, develop and maintain Hauppauge community accessible parks and services.  The fundraising committee is critical in acquiring corporate donations, grants and private donations. 

  • Telling the story of HRDA mission

  • Engaging donors and sponsors in order to increase proceeds.

  • Acknowledge gifts made by and maintain relationships with donors

  • Develop and maintain the HRDA membership coupon book 

  • Plan and execute HRDA fundraisers 

  • Submit for grants on behalf of HRDA

Park Development

The park development HRDA committee goal is to create parks and services that best serve Hauppauge community residents.   ​

  • Acquire land , permits and other items related to park development 

  • Contract with companies to build park facilities 

  • Manage park project schedules


The facilities and services offered by HRDA are maintained by  a combination of community volunteers and outsourced vendors. The goals of the maintenance committee is to manage all aspects of operations of HRDA parks and services.

  • Cleaning park facilities

  • Landscaping

  • Repairs

  • Safety

We Need Your Support Today!

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