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FAQ Information sheet for anticipated opinions/motives 


Q: Who will have access to this community center?

A: There are 20,000 Hauppauge residents with homes in Islip, Smithtown, Commack designated addresses. HRDA membership provides access to HRDA community  parks and services, There will be a daily and annual fee for homes that desire access to HRDA parks and services who are not within the Hauppauge community.


Q: Will this park encourage gang activity or crime? 

A: The park will employ private public safety and will be within the 4th precinct jurisdiction to keep the park safe.


Q: Will there be garbage problems?

A: HRDA will contract with a leading waste management company for garbage pickup. Additionally, HRDA will provide maintenance jobs to make sure the park and services are best in class in cleanliness.


Q: Will taxes be raised for Hauppauge residents?

A: HRDA as a non-for-profit has raised monies from private companies, grants and foundations and other fundraising efforts to offload cost from residents and governments. Therefore taxes will not be raised due to this initiative.


Q: Who is paying for HRDA parks?

A: HRDA community parks and services are funded by private and public donations. 


Q: How is it maintained? 

A: HRDA community parks and services will be maintained by a combination of community volunteers, hired employees and if required  a best in class maintenance company with a goal of keeping costs as low as possible. 


Q Will HRDA encourage  jobs? 

A: HRDA will employ people directly and or hires contractors who will be responsible for the day to day operations relating to the running of the community park and services for the benefit of members. 


Q: Where is the HRDA park going to be?

A: HRDA is working with local government, state and federal government agencies and private landowners to locate the first HRDA community parks and services location. 


Q:  Does HRDA compete with Smithtown or Islip parks initiatives?  

A: HRDA compliments Islip and Smithtown parks initiatives while recognizing the need for a park and community services center dedicated for Hauppauge residents. It is fact the Hauppauge community has the lowest % of parks allocated by resident density. HRDA will change that. 


Q: What is the impact to the Rinx? 

A: There is no impact to the Rinx as nothing will change. In fact, the Rinx offers Islip residents a fantastic opportunity to enjoy facilities.  However, the Rinx as part of Islip does not offer all Hauppauge residents ease of access including youth organizations prioritization who may have residents with homes in Smithtown or Commack but still fall within Hauppauge community . 


Q: Why should I sign up now?  

A: The reason we are signing up Hauppauge residents now is because HRDA will over the next several years of building a best in class community park and services that will right away serve the Hauppauge community. HRDA will not only advocate for Hauppauge residents but have partnered with HYO and other youth sports,  Girl and Boy Scouts plus many other community based non-for-profit organizations on funding and organizing of their community good causes.


Q: Should I be concerned this park will be in my neighborhood?  

A: The location of the park will have convenient access. HRDA is run by Hauppauge community living volunteers within our community. As such, HRDA will appreciate any burden to residents and will be highly considerate to residents.


Q: Will this initiative increase Traffic issues? 

A: The initiative will not increase traffic as the community park and services will be utilized by existing Hauppauge residents. The location of the park and services will consider traffic as part of its decision to offer Hauppauge a best in class park and service of its very own.

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