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  • Are you a Hauppauge resident?

  • Are your children involved in outdoor activities?  

  • Do you love the outdoors?

  • Are you looking for a sense of community?

If you answered yes to the above questions then

Sign up as a member of HRDA/


Let's get a park for Hauppauge together!

HRDA Membership is Free for Hauppauge residents. 
Benefits of becoming a member: 

  • Enjoy full use of the HRDA parks and special events

  • Have a voice in the planning of events for our community 

  • Keep Hauppauge value and attractiveness for our community

  • Encourage a sense of community

  • Promote well being & active lifestyle for your family

  • Access Hauppauge based associations & athletic organizations

  • Access to free and other seasonal events

  • Access coupons & discounts from local business partners 

  • Access to HRDA community newsletter 

  • Join a committee to help steer HRDA direction

  • Participation in live & virtual  planning meetings

  • Secure a safe outdoor landscape for Family & Friends

Family at Outdoor Event
About HRDA

The Hauppauge Recreation Development Association, Inc, HRDA, is working to bring you the best of what Hauppauge has to offer in the form of a state of the art outdoor facility to bring our children, family, and community together. 

Hauppauge is one of the most sought after towns in Long Island with a top-notch school district, one of the largest industrial parks in the US, and an overall reputation of a highly desirable area centrally located. 

Hauppauge is home to some of the best restaurants, hotels, and shopping. While Hauppauge is considered a Hamlet and comprises the towns of Islip and Smithtown, many public parks and community offerings are limited to town residents only. We want our children, neighbors, and family to have somewhere where they can go and enjoy being together as Hauppauge community members regardless of town lines. 

Hauppauge is in need of outdoor open space gathering parks including sports fields and a  a community center facility and services for residents. The time is now to make a change for our community’s future and we need your help to make this dream a reality for Hauppauge. Join us in our mission to bring an outdoor family park and athletic fields with your membership of the HRDA. 

The HRDA was created with a mission to bring Hauppauge as one and provide a common outdoor ground for all Hauppauge residents, families, and children to enjoy. 

From sports fields, children parks, seasonal community events, fairs and festivals, and everything that you would expect a town to offer its community members, the HRDA was developed to bring our community together in an outdoor family park initiative for all Hauppauge residents to enjoy.

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